About Plowline

In 2006, I started Plowline Consulting as a means of working with business clients to improve their operations, develop their marketing and deepen their community connections. Plowline has evolved since then into an artistic endeavor for myself beyond my vocational skills.

Plowline is a platform of social, blog and podcast media to express the ideas and concepts that interested me and I’ve studied throughout most of my life. Understanding human origins and potential has been a passion of mine since before I knew what those words meant. I have always followed a spiritual path of learning and a scientific approach to understanding it. These two elements of myself have culminated into a world view that dives into understanding the physics of the universe as well as the faithful pursuit of self actualization.

I am both passionate and terrified of the human potential and what we have the ability to become. Our destiny is in our hands through the power of choice. We simply have to choose what it is we will manifest of ourselves. I wish to be a part of that decision making process by helping others to realize they are as well.

That is Plowline.

One response to “About Plowline

  1. Looks interesting, Jeremy! I’m looking forward to your posts:)

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