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A Response to Boston Bombing – Forgiveness

John Lennon - ViolenceI have spent the past couple of days in quite contemplation over the bombings in Boston. During that time, there have been many things that have risen up to be outwardly spoken or thought about. My response has been to wait. I have waited until I was able to respond in a manner that was completely my own. What I have come up with in that time is forgiveness.

Even to myself, that seems counter-intuitive but as I have learned in the past few months, paradox is the process that life takes in order to reach a balanced end. It is when I trust that, that I achieve balance within myself. So, forgiveness is the appropriate response. It is appropriate because without a personal stance of forgiveness, I could never see the events for what they are. I would be concentrating on an outcome that I wish to see rather than remaining in a place of vulnerability that allow for clarity.

The expected response would be vengeance and that is what we are seeing unfold with many individuals in this country; “You tread on me and I will tread right back on you.” Certainly, the fact that this creates a cycle of violence is easily understood but there is a more important motivation for forgiveness as the appropriate state of being in this situation. Without the clarity that such a place of vulnerability allows, there is no way to discern the reality of the situation.

Certainly, you could trust the information that is fed to you through privately owned media organization. That is your right to do so. However, we live in a world where the information, the raw information, can be gleaned and discerned for ones self; if one seeks it. The problem is, like all information, raw information can sprinkled with manipulation, tinkered with and scattered with misinformation. The reality is, the ‘concrete answer’ is not what we should be individual seeking. We should simply be seeking the truth and that is elusive at best.

forgiveness doesn’t portend to a lack of consequences for those responsible. In fact, it isn’t for them at all. The benefit is for you. Forgiveness allows you to be free of the anger, the fear and the judgment of a situation such as this. Forgiveness gives you freedom and with that freedom, you can begin to see far beyond the events of the day in Boston. For instance, on that same day, 33 people were killed in an bombing in Iraq, making it the deadliest day in Iraq this year. This isn’t new for many parts of the world and in a number of cases, our military and foreign interest intentions are the perpetrating elements of such atrocities.

Finally, without cultivating a position of forgiveness, we can not see the elements at play that may insist darker intention; are we being played? Are we being manipulated towards the goals of those that would seize power and control in manufactured opportunities? I don’t know but I can tell you this; it would be naïve to say that it hasn’t happened before. After all, seizing control of power and control is our national past time.

Fluoride in Water

Alcoa Sodium FluorideThe last word of our week-long research and expose on fluoride additive in the drinking supply of many first world countries is simple: Why?

Why do we bother to add this obviously controversial and probably toxic additive into our drinking water? Those that push for it to be added appear to be corporate interest and influence able municipalities. Many of the citizens who rally around the issue, do so in opposition. There is very little citizen alliances around adding the chemical to drinking water.

The point made by Professor  Paul Conner is well put:

“This is the only time we have used the public water supply to deliver medicine for obvious reasons. Once you put it in the water, you can’t control the dose and you can’t control who get’s it.” ~ Professor Paul Conner <https://www.facebook.com/plowline?ref=hl>

Furthermore, what is the value of putting a medicine into the water supply when the FDA and the CDC both advise it’s topical use and that is should not be ingested (read your toothpaste tube).

The evidence that it causes significant health risks can be found in a wide variety of reputable studies from a number of universities, citizen group and even government agencies. However, as in any controversial issue, an equal number of studies can be found to counter concerns. This is simply manipulation of the data on both sides through biased research analysts and study groups.

The fact that there is concern in the general public, in my opinion, is evidence enough that fluoridation in the water supply should be stopped. The benefits do not seem to out weigh the alarm.