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To Vote Our Morals or to Vote our Values? That is The Question.

The two party system is a propagated illusion that limits our choices and pushes us towards other peoples agenda. It is a systemic issue with how American Culture is cultivated and who it is cultivated by.

Marketing is the dark art of our time. It’s a dark art, not because it conjures magic, but because it is the music under the noise of our culture that is lolling us into the trance of buying into the American Dream that is created FOR US instead of BY US.

Citizen involvement of the political systems is one of minimal power; limited to the fringes such as Occupy or Tea Party. Collectively, we are not involved at the citizen level but at the consumer level. We are not just consumers of things but also of information that is provided to us through media outlets like a product; like preferring one brand of mayo over another. Consequently, because our political participation is marketed to us, we are only given limited choices: Republican or Democratic. These candidate figures (whether it be presidents, congressmen, senators, local, state or federal) choose a specific branding message that is moral based not value based: The message of the conservative or the liberal.

To allow our diverse values to be narrowed into two simple moral camps allows us to be controlled. It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose from the two major parties because nothing, systemically, will change. Sure, there might be some minor pushes on the moral issues YOU side with but true politics is not about morals because those are singular and subjective (I believe). It is about values (We believe). And the reality is we all value the same things: good food, clean water, warm shelter, good health, meeting the needs of our family, taking care of our children, health communities, strong civil government and an opportunity to thrive.

When we vote our morals we are voting for ourselves. When we vote our values we are voting for each other.

-Divided We Stand. United We Fall.