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To Vote Our Morals or to Vote our Values? That is The Question.

The two party system is a propagated illusion that limits our choices and pushes us towards other peoples agenda. It is a systemic issue with how American Culture is cultivated and who it is cultivated by.

Marketing is the dark art of our time. It’s a dark art, not because it conjures magic, but because it is the music under the noise of our culture that is lolling us into the trance of buying into the American Dream that is created FOR US instead of BY US.

Citizen involvement of the political systems is one of minimal power; limited to the fringes such as Occupy or Tea Party. Collectively, we are not involved at the citizen level but at the consumer level. We are not just consumers of things but also of information that is provided to us through media outlets like a product; like preferring one brand of mayo over another. Consequently, because our political participation is marketed to us, we are only given limited choices: Republican or Democratic. These candidate figures (whether it be presidents, congressmen, senators, local, state or federal) choose a specific branding message that is moral based not value based: The message of the conservative or the liberal.

To allow our diverse values to be narrowed into two simple moral camps allows us to be controlled. It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose from the two major parties because nothing, systemically, will change. Sure, there might be some minor pushes on the moral issues YOU side with but true politics is not about morals because those are singular and subjective (I believe). It is about values (We believe). And the reality is we all value the same things: good food, clean water, warm shelter, good health, meeting the needs of our family, taking care of our children, health communities, strong civil government and an opportunity to thrive.

When we vote our morals we are voting for ourselves. When we vote our values we are voting for each other.

-Divided We Stand. United We Fall.

State of the ‘Alternative’ Union

[roar of applause]

Thank you. Thank you very much.


Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, Distinguished Guests & Fellow Americans,

I woke up this morning with the most powerful moral clarity that perhaps a human being can posses. I woke up this morning with an understanding of our human condition that demands me to say what it is I am going to say tonight. I won’t be speaking about our trials as a country or our need for bipartisan cooperation. I won’t be touting our countries accomplishments in a thinly veiled attempt to outline  my successes. I won’t be politicking, policy making or performing tonight. I am only here to speak with one group of people: My fellow Americans.


People of this country, your government has failed you. This is not a recent failure. My administration, as well as those before me, are not to blame for the problems we face. We are merely the source for perpetuating the circumstances that keep us in them. We have been faced with these problems for many decades now and although our country is always faced with challenges and difficulties, it is how we choose to meet those challenges as a people that determines our success.

 [light  applause]

The current problems we face, are outside the office of the President to fix. They are outside the congressional and judicial branches ability to solve. There is no one in this government who can change our nation’s circumstances but you; the American Citizen.

  [light, sporadic applause]

From here on out, I will commit myself to doing what this office was meant to do; to serve and lead the American people. Instead of working towards partisan goals, voting along party lines, lobbing for corporate interests, working towards re-election or appealing to the approval of those within the government, I will, from here forth, focus on you the people of this country. You are my employer and whom I am elected to serve.

 [light, confused applause]

The problem is simple. We here in the government have been focusing on the wrong point of power to steer this country. We have been focusing on a very small minority to determine our direction as a nation; ourselves as government officials. We have been caught up in a false idea that we determine our countries course and have been gradually reinforcing the idea that you are merely a spectator. Certainly, some of you congregate in protest and work to move this nation in an equally partisan direction as we do in our separate parties. Unfortunately, that is as powerless as the methods of leadership we have been perpetuating here in Washington.


It is not our differences that make us strong. It is our collective interests and values that do so. Make no mistake, we are one people in a common goal for all our wellbeing. This is not achieved by focusing on our divisive self-interests. It is accomplish by focusing on our collective values, our unified purpose and our united vision.

 [light applause…trying to get back into it]

We all want to feed our families. We all want to prosper in our circumstances. We all want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a attainable possibility. Therefore, we all must collectively move forward in a direction to get us all there.

 [two people applauded in the back]

Over the course of my remaining months in office, I will work diligently to guide you in steering this country out of this dark and difficult time; and make no mistake, it is a dark and difficult time for this country. We will accomplish this together by focusing on the steps that, as a collective of individuals, make us indivisible.  By being indivisible we will begin to steer our country in a better direction.

The 3 initiatives that I am about to lay out may seem trivial to you. They may seem inconsequential to our greater problems and perhaps, on their own, they are. However, it is the outcome they can produce to change our country that makes all the difference. Once we as a nation, a collective, learn to adjust our focus from the problems to the solutions, we will be a new kind of global power. A power of true peace and prosperity for mankind. We will be what our founding fathers intended this country to be.

 [light applause]

I am going to ask you to trust me. Now, that’s not something you are used to hearing from your President; is it? If we are going to get through this, then we are going to have to start looking at our daily lives differently and begin to act upon new directions; including trusting each other.

The first initiative is about allowing each of you the means and focus to take back your control over your daily lives. As a powerful symbol of this, I am going to ask you to do something that hasn’t been done in this country in over 70 years. I have carved out a small amount of money from the defense budget through the Executive Defense Initiative to fund a program to get every American growing his and her own food. We are only a few months away from the planting season and I am asking each and every one of you to build a Victory Garden.

I am encouraging business and land owners, city officials and community leaders to rally behind this initiative. Open up spaces for people to plant Victory Gardens in empty lots, unused fields, roof tops and in back yards everywhere. I am not going to authorize a tax break or money to encourage you toward this purpose. I am simply asking each of you to come together behind this idea and work to achieve it.

I am authorizing money to make organic seed, soil and fertilizer initiatives in communities everywhere a reality. I have created a small department that reports directly to me to oversee this program and create online classes and materials to teach people how to get started and have the most success possible.

 [stunned silence]

Why would I make this my first initiative in this plan you might ask. It’s simple. If a people have lost their ability to control their own destinies, either voluntarily or through force, giving them a collective vision and goal that brings them together is the only way to gain that control back as a people. I know no better way to gain control over each of our individual lives than feeding your families. As an example, the west lawn will be converted into a victory garden that myself, the first lady and our children will maintain .


The second initiative is to understand our collective power as a people. I am encouraging you to all congregate together regularly. It doesn’t matter how or for what reason but I am asking you to take one day a week and make it a day of congregation. You may congregate in a church, a community center, someone’s home or just outside. I am asking you to come together in groups of 12 or more and talk to each other.

It will be difficult for you at first and it might feel a little uncomfortable but it is so important to understand that we are not on our own in this world. This initiative can not be achieved through the comfort and security of our televisions or internet connections. Therefore, I would ask you to consider, during this time of weekly congregation, to keep all media and forms of outside influence to a strict minimum.

The goal is to come together, to talk about your lives and to find connection. My personal experience is that smaller groups work quicker and more efficiently to achieve this goal. However, I leave your method of congregation and the subject matters you discuss to you. Just remember, coming together in positive attitude and open mindedness will produce abundant results. Anything opposite of that, will simple keep you imprisoned in your old routines and achieve little towards our greater good.

The final initiative is observance. I want you to observe how the next 12 months unfold. Be observant of the engines of our culture that have perpetuated a state of division among us. Be observant of yourselves and the things inside you that perpetuate this division. Be observant of our world and our neighbors and how we respond to them and vise versa. Act out of this observance to make a better home, neighborhood, community and country for ourselves.

I have every confidence that these three initiatives will get us moving forward as a country. You, the collective people of the United States of America will take the initiative from here. The power has always, truly, been with you. It’s time for all of us to remember this.

Thank you and good night.

 [crickets chirping in the distance]

That Tightening in My Chest

These days, it seems like it’s getting hard to breath. My chest is tight, my vision
is blurred and every instinct in my body is firing off neurons attached to
fear, anxiety and doom. I can’t look up at a passing airliner anymore without
my heart skipping a beat; as its dark silhouette cuts at the sky. It didn’t
use to be this way. In fact, there was a time when I was content with being
productive and believed that my place in society was secured by my drive to

It began to come to a crash at around thirty. At the time, I felt enlightened. I felt
like I was become free from the shackles of society and culture. With the
loosening of the chains of expectation and results, I could begin to explore my
‘true self’.

That was certainly the case for a while but then things began to change. I made different choices and took on new
responsibilities. With those came a new set of expectations and results. So
now, here I am, aware of my growing neurosis around the culture that I live in
and feeling completely enslaved by it. The worst part is; it not my own demise
and failure that bothers me the most. It’s the fact that I am very much aware
of our collective demise that really gets me.

It’s as clear as day from the perspective that I am standing at. I mean hey, when you
let go of all the societal expectation but haven’t vacated society itself, what
are you left with? Pretty much nothing because you have managed to fail at all
else but the one thing you do gain is perspective; and I’ve got it in spades.

I look at us and I am, frankly, appalled that the rest of you can’t see it. How in the
world do you think we can possibly continue on this way? Are you really under
any delusion that, somehow, this all ends with roses and parades? Do you really
believe that this human experiment is going well? Wake up buddy and look
around. You can’t find peace in war, prosperity in poverty or thriving human
systems in failed attempts. One does not come out of the other. We are doomed.

What? You think we have another chance to vote our way out of this mess? Really? Our
political leaders are consumed with the same plague that consumes each one of
use – consumerism: The need to fill an unfillable hole within ourselves. I mean
hell; our entire economy’s health is actually measured by our affliction. In
fact, it needs us to consume in order to continue to run. It’s got a name. We
call it the Consumer Price Index. There is no political solution to this

Oh, I hear you. You folks think that there is a religious solution to the problem.
Right. OK. Well then, keep going to your big box church in the mall and pray
for a way out of this one folks. Just because you highjack Jesus and tell everyone else that they are lost without knowing him your way, doesn’t mean you’ve found the way. The idea that those of religious orders are somehow exempt from the consequences of 1000 generations of humanities actions in the world is just crazy. You are accountable for the action of all that came before you in the choice that you make for those that come next.

 I would agree that the solution is bigger than us. I would argue that the tenants of Christ’s gospel message are the key to our woes but Religion itself is dead. There is no solution in bigger churches, louder music and more money in the offering bin.

We are in trouble people and we had better stop looking outside of ourselves to find a
solution and start looking inward to find the problem. That’s right, I didn’t
say look within to find the solution I said problem. I’m not so sure there’s a
solution to be found inside but I’ll be damned if we are not the heart of the

We spend so much time and effort to save the whales, save the dolphins, save the
flowers, and save the planet. Hello! If it wasn’t for us, these things wouldn’t
be in trouble in the first place! Aren’t we the ones that need some sort of

This is what I believe people are really upset about these days. I look around and I
see so many other people who are braver than I am standing up in their
frustration. As I just sit here and ring my hands over these trivial things:
how am I going to pay for our health insurance? How am I going to pay this
months’ rent? Can I really afford to take my wife on this date?

Other people around the world are standing up and demanding that things change. Now
that this movement has come to our own doors, we mock it. We laugh at those
folks in New York, Seattle and San Francisco protesting and occupying space in
the name of change. We point out that they don’t even have a unified message
when in reality, they do.

They are saying loud and clear, ‘I am tired of being afraid. I am fed up with being push
around. I damn sick of being lied too and I am going to do something about it;
even if it means just occupying this space.’

Isn’t it time we all stood up? Surely its time we all woke up. There is a haunting
reality out there folks and we all need to look it square in the face to come
to terms with it: we are nearing an end. I don’t know what kind end or how it plays
out but I think we need to stop fearing it and start embracing it. I think it
starts with standing up from where you are seated right now, take a deep

Now let it out

…and say out loud,

                                “I’m tired of being afraid.”


…say it again.